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H-Leggings H-Clip H-Leash

Our Patented H-Clip is possibly the easiest solution you will find that makes a huge environmental impact – it is up to you.


The H-Clip is made from a soft recyclable rubber, it requires no tools for use and is as simple to use as the leash you can attach it to. Use it to carry one empty bag and you can leave the heavy, clunky and annoying roll of bag you are currently carrying at home. When ready use it to temporarily seal the same bag for reuse throughout your walk, jog or hike.


If you end up only needing one poop bag during your walk then great, you just saved yourself from carrying a heavy roll of unneeded bags. The H-Clip weighs only 1 Oz. If you need to use the bag a second time our H-Clip has just help you reduce your carbon footprint by not reaching for another bag.

Walking or Hiking
Light Weight and Simple
No more needless waste
Stop throwing money away


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H4Legs H-Clip

Available Exclusively in H4Legs Orange

The H-Clip is a patented product – there are no substitutes, look for the  H4Legs™ brand name &  logo and let us know if you are unsure what you are purchasing is the real H-Clip

H4Legs 1 Million Bag Challenge

Instructions for use

H-Clip step 1
H-Clip step 2
H-Clip step 2

Pick-up after your dog as usual, but this time do not tie a knot in the bag. Insert the open end of the bag into the H-Clip and draw down until sealed and secure. No knot.

Clip-it – where? Anywhere! Our Patented H-Clip is versatile to fit your life and style. It works with rope and retractable leashes, every day and running belts, backpacks or even fanny packs (if you still have one!) you decide. Our H-Clip is also compact and fits easily into your pocket before it’s needed.

Care and Handling

Wash your H-Clip in warm water with mild hand-soap and it should last a lifetime. Even in the winter your H-Clip will remain flexible and functional.





Warning: Use of any H4Legs™ product should be discussed and coordinated with your veterinary professional prior to use. The H-Clip not a toy and proper supervision and care of your pet and others must be undertaken while this product is in use. H4Legs™ makes no guarantee of success.

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