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Made from a specialized, custom made fabric our Patented H-Leggings are specifically design to flex where needed while maintaining a snug fit on your pets legs. H-Leggings come as two interconnected leggings as we found this helps break the animal’s fixation on the affected leg.


H-Leggings work by maintaining your pet’s quality of life by providing a quick and unobtrusive barrier which can be worn with supervision all day or night and allows your pet to get on with its day.

H-Leggings Discourage licking and biting
Cover wound dressing
Cover casts
No more cones or collars
No more anti-lick strips


Available Exclusively in Navy Blue

Frequently asked questions

Shipping and Order Processing Information

H4Legs brand H-Leggings on a medium sized dog

H4Legs® H-Leggings are a patented product – there are no substitutes, look for the  H4Legs® brand logo and let us know if you are unsure what you are purchasing is the real H-Leggings

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Instructions for use

H-Leggings step 1
H-Leggings step 2
H-Leggings step 3

Have your dog sit in front of you. Place one leg at a time into the H-Leggings, remembering the label will face up on the dog’s shoulders.

Once the H-Leggings are on both forelegs, draw them up to the under-pit of each leg to ensure a comfortable fit.

Finally, grab the connecting strap and stretch it over the head to rest the strap on the shoulders as illustrated.


H-Leggings are currently offered in two sizes. To determine the correct size please refer to the illustration below. With a tape measure, measure vertically in inches from point A in the center of the back to point B just above the heel pad. H-Leggings will stretch to accommodate a variety of sizes.



Take the measurement between A & B and select the size based on the ranges below:

Care and Handling

H-leggings should be machine or hand washed in warm water, with a mild detergent and on a regular basis. For machine washing it is recommended the H-Leggings be placed securely in a delicate items bag to reduce the chance they will become tangled. Tumble dry on low heat.


H-Leggings will stretch over time and washing as recommended should return the garment to its original size.


Warning: Use of any H4Legs® product should be discussed and coordinated with your veterinary professional prior to use. Our  H4Legs® brand Leggings are neither a toy nor a wound dressing. Proper supervision and care of your pet and others must be undertaken while this product is in use. H4Legs® makes no guarantee of success.

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